Carbon Emissions Calculator (asPECT)

Asphalt Pavement Embodied Carbon Tool (asphaltCALC)

During 2011 a contract was signed between Sabita and the UK’s Transport Research laboratory (TRL) to adapt their asPECT tool for use in South Africa. This tool branded as the asphaltCALC, is designed to facilitate the carbon footprinting of asphalt products, asphalt operations, product-to-product comparisons and measurement of project carbon assessments.

The asphaltCALC is supported by protocol and guidance documentation, software applications and has been modified to:

Make SA specific inclusions for aggregates, transport modes, cradle to gate constituent CO2 emissions factors, asphalt design lifetimes and installation/excavation methods

Use the correct procedures to credit renewable energy generated on site by asphalt/aggregate sector
Adapt the worked examples to reflect South African conditions

The asphaltCALC software is a standalone executable programme built on the Microsoft .NET platform and users can download a copy below – subject to license and conditions of use of agreement.

asPECT image

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