A number of technical manuals have been produced by Sabita, covering the selection, handling and use of bituminous materials in a wide range of applications.  Apart from those manuals which are only available in booklet format (1, 7, 13 and 20) for which there is a small fee, we are pleased to announce that as from 1st September 2017, Sabita manuals may be downloaded here complimentary to Industry:

Manual 1: Construction of bitumen rubber seals

Manual 2 (PG): Bituminous Products for road construction and maintenance, download HERE

Manual 5: Guidelines for the Manufacture and Construction
of Asphalt – Download here

Manual 7: SuperSurf – Economic warrants for surfacing

Manual 8: Guidelines for the safe and responsible handling
of bituminous products – Download for Manual 8

Manual 10: Bituminous surfacings for low volume
roads and temporary deviations – Download for Manual 10

Manual 11: Labour enhanced construction for bituminous
surfacings (this manual has been withdrawn and part of the contents thereof has been incorporated into Manual 12)
Manual 12: Labour Absorptive Methods in Road Construction using Bituminous Materials – Download for Manual 12

Manual 13: LAMBS – the design and use of large aggregate
mixes for bases

Manual 17: Porous asphalt mixes – design and use – Download for Manual 17

Manual 18: Appropriate standards for the use of sand
asphalt – Download for Manual 18

Manual 19: Guidelines for the design, manufacture and
construction of bitumen rubber asphalt wearing courses – Download Here

Manual 20: Sealing of active cracks in road pavements

Manual 22: Hot-mix paving in adverse weather

Manual 23: Code of Practice – Loading bitumen at refineries – Download for Manual 23

Manual 24: User guide for the design of asphalt mixes (4th Edition – June 2022) – Download this practical guide HERE  
Manual 25: Code of Practice: Transportation,
off-loading and storage of bitumen and bituminous products – Download for Manual 25 here: Sabita-Manual-25

Manual 26: Interim guidelines for primes and stone
precoating fluids – Download for Manual 26

Manual 27: Guideline for thin layer hot mix asphalt
wearing courses of residential streets. – Download for Manual 27

Manual 28: Best practice for the design and construction
of slurry seals – Download for Manual 28

Manual 29: Guide to the safe handling of solvents in
a bituminous products laboratory – Download for Manual 29

Manual 30: A guide to the selection of bituminous binders for road construction – Download for Manual 30

Manual 31: Guidelines for calibrating a binder distributor
and ensuring satisfactory performance – Download for Manual 31

Manual 32: Best practice guideline for warm mix asphalt – Download for Manual 32

Manual 33: Design procedure for high modulus asphalt (EME) – Download here for the latest Sabita manual-33-as-at-18-oct2019

Manual 34 (34a and 34b): Guideline to legislation on the transportation of bitumen and Bitumen spill protocol – Download for Manual 34

Manual 35/TRH8: Design and use of Asphalt in Road Pavements  – Download here

Manual 36/TRH21: Use of Reclaimed Asphalt in the production of asphalt. This document has been forwarded to the Roads Materials Committee for ratification – Download here

Manual 37/TMH5:  Sampling Methods for Road Construction Materials – Download here

Manual 38:  A Health & Safety Guide for Material Testing Laboratories in the Road Construction Industry – Download here: Sabita Manual-38

Manual 39:  Laboratory Testing Protocols for Binders and Asphalt –  Download HERE

Manual 40/TRH3:  Design and Construction of Surface Treatments – Download Here

Manual 41:  Best Practice Guide for the Procurement and Importing of Bitumen – Download HERE

TG1 – 5th Edition November 2020
The Use of Modified Bituminous Binders in Road
Construction can be downloaded HERE


TG2 – 3rd Edition August 2020
Bitumen Stabilised Materials can be downloaded HERE .  Please note the 3rd edition was entitled July, however there were a few changes that were made to the July version, which has been updated in the August edition.  For info. please see the document containing the corrections TG2 Corrections

TG3 – 3rd Edition January 2022
Asphalt Reinforcement for Road Construction can be downloaded HERE 

We are pleased to feature the first edition of TG4 regarding water quality for use in Civil Engineering Testing Laboratories –  which can be downloaded here . 



Testing of bituminous products (2 DVDs)

Training Guide for the construction and repairs of bituminous
surfacings by hand


The Manufacture, Paving and Compaction of HMA

DVD 410

The safe handling of bitumen

DVD 420

Treatment of bitumen burns

DVD 430

Working Safely with Bitumen


Firefighting in the bituminous industry


Safe loading and off-loading of Bitumen.


Student CD of manuals 2, 3, 8, 19, 22, 24, 25,
26, 27, TG1, TG2 and TG3. Available FoC to bona fide students registered
at a South African educational institution.
To be ordered via the lecturer with a substantiating student list.

Posters and First Aid Kit

Sampling Bitumen

– Sampling bitumen

Working with Bitumen

– Working with bitumen

Loading Bitumen

– Loading bitumen

Off-loading Bitumen

– Off-loading bitumen

Spraying Bitumen

– Spraying bitumen

First Aid Kit

HSE first aid kit

See kit contents

Reporting poster

Reporting incidents poster

Induction training

Induction training poster

First Aid

First Aid poster

HSE Charter Poster

HSE Charter postertg1-as-at-feb-2022

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