With our aim to promote excellence in the use of bituminous material, we have compiled a document library with some listings dating back several years. In this collection we have included research reports, articles, manuals, conference proceedings and intend to add more reference material which will included CAPSA proceedings.

The documents listed in this first phase are all physically stored and are not available in a digital format. A document request system has therefore been made available to facilitate access to the information.

We trust that you find the material of interest and of benefit to your endeavors in the roads industry.


  • Type the TITLE or AUTHOR in the SEARCH column and press ENTER
  • Scroll through the documents to check for the correct one.
  • Once you see the name of the document you are looking for, click on REQUEST DOCUMENT.
  • A Form will open and REMEMBER to include the document No (S Number) and PRESS SUBMIT.
  • Once received, Sabita will process your request and you should receive a scanned copy of the document requested within
    5 working days.
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