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What microcomputers can and cannot do: an introductionBrewer, K.A.SA general introduction on the use of microcomputers (PCs) in maintenance management198476
Standaardtoetsmetodes vir padboumateriale - addendum tot TMH-1; hersiene uitgaweS0011985TS
Standard methods for testing road construction materialsCSIR, NITRRS001This book presents the methods used in the preparation of a gravel, sand or soil sample involves the quantitative separation of the soil fines portion, i.e. the material passing the 0,425 mm sieve, from the coarser portion as well as the sieve analysis of the coarser portion. The soil fines are required for the mechanical analysis and for the mechanical analysis and for the determination of the Atterberg constants.1979TS
Standard methods of testing road construction materialsCSIR, NITRRS0011979
Asphaltic concreteJackson, GP|Brien, DS002Asphaltic concrete consists of a very carefully proportioned mixture of coarse aggregate, fine aggregate and mineral filler coated with bitumen. When properly designed it will provide a surfacing of exceptional durability capable of carrying the heaviest traffic. It is used for the surfacing of heavy duty roads, motorways and airfield runways under all types of climatic conditions.1962TS
The development of PVC-tar and Lurgi tar for road construction in South AfricaRenshaw, RH|Marais, CPS003The objectives of this paper areto discuss the relevant properties of PVC-coke-over tar and Lurgi tar as produced in South Africa. To give and overview of past and present research on PVC-tar and Lurgi tar. To discuss laboratory results and experimental field performance of both coke- oven and Lurgi road tars. To outline future developments and research in respect of Lurgi tar.1980107
Bitumen macadamJackson, GPS004A single-course bitumen macadam will provide a durable rough textured wearing surface on any suitable base and is frequently used to provide a new wearing surface for an old road that worn or that has become slippery and unsafe for fast-moving traffic. Two-course bitumen macadam is used on new roads where an appreciable thickness of surfacing is required, on old roads that need strengthening or where the intermediate binder course is needed to correct levels on an uneven base.1964107

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